Friday, March 4, 2011

Damansara village

writing on the cake
this is rum and raisin ice cream cake
made by kelvin's parents
and the design is so lovely
just like a gift
it is actually purple in color
with pink hearts

this is fried dumpling
the dumpling was wrapped with prawns only
very fresh and yummy!

pig neck meat
i think this is what they called
it taste so good!
not too soft nor hard

Cou Gai
this is their home rear chicken
once the chicken is grown
they just keep it in the cage
so there size will not be big

paper wrapped chicken
it taste so good
and the meat was so smooth

i must really recommend this
the clam with red wine

the steamboat
a normal steamboat cost rm18.80 per person
and this is the soup with chinese wine
there were quite a lot of ingredients in it
it has clams and prawns
the four of us can't finish all
we only ordered for 2 persons and other side dishes

oh ya
this was the surprise
kelvin told me that he went toilet
after so long
i thought he was there doing BIG BUSINESS
who knows he came in with roses!
he is better in lying now

the lovely cake

make a wish
make a wish
i just wish that i can away from medicine
i just want a healthy life

thanks for everything

thanks ah bing for treating us a meal
and thanks Ken too!


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