Tuesday, October 14, 2008


ahhaa, i promised you i will write a blog with your name as title i will sure do it, i cant break my promise(don angry)... don worry la, nth bad i can talk bout u....

soh ee von, a girl that very patient, she can still smile to you and answer your question no matter how many times you ask her, wont like me, raise up my voice, haha... but i foudn that we are the same kind of person, we oways sleep late at nite, but her panda eyes not worse as mine, and she like to contribute to pyramid, me too.... thats why both of us must control each other so that our purse wont be getting thinner, hahah.... sometimes she look blur, but thats what she is interesting in, and i found out her quote is 'die lo', hope you won angry when you read this blog, this won make you famous, i know you are smilling when you are reading this, cos i know you won angry easily.... =)

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