Saturday, October 18, 2008


today went to college to let them try out the drinks and do the menu board, each of us draw one and use crayon to paint, not bad, hahahah.... chee wei write the cost of salad wrongly, it suppose to be RM2.00, but he wrote RM2.50, then he decided to put a cross there, assume that it is a big promotion for the salad, SMART!! hahaha

meet him again when i went to see the opening ceremony of the m.a.d showcase, i saw him standing there then i walk towards him, i feel that i am braver now, cos i talked to him, and even yesterday oso, we were in the same lift, only both of us, but i don feel that panic anymore, my heartbeats much more normal than the 1st time i saw him, when i saw him sitting alone at the cafeteria, i even sit beside him and talk to him, i think i got improved.... =)

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