Sunday, December 14, 2008


tagged by : Dear Ms. Jess Lim Yu Hui

The rules:
-Link to your tagger and post these rules.

*List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people.

1. fair
2. noisy
4. talkative
5. brown hair
6. fat
7. moderate height
8. nail arts

1. Jennifer
2. Jess
3. Victor
4. Nicholas Chow
5. Yion
6. Jojo
7. Ting Ting
8. Choy Yie

-Name: Foong Weng Kee (Vickie)
-Name you wish you had: i like my name.... =)
-What do people normally your name as: weng weng, kee kee, ah kee, 'weeng kei'(my high school's frens will noe what i mean =] )
-Birthday: 9th Mac
-Bitrhplace: Kuala Lumpur
-Time of birth: morning i think.....
-Single or taken: single n available
-Zodiac sign: Pisces

-H0w tall are you: 163cm
-Wish you were taller: i m satisfied with my height....
-Eye colour: black
-Current hair color: brown, copper....
-Short or long hair: short
-Ever dye your hair a bizarre color: nope
-Last time you did something dramatic with you hair: dye brown and copper and cut it short...
-Glasses or contact: neither
-Do you were make up: concealer is a must....
-Paint your nails: yup

*In a opposite gender
-What color eye: blaack
-What color hair: as long as suite him....
-Shy or outgoing: outgoing
-Serious or fun: depands on the situation
-Older or younger than you: older is a must or same age...
-A turn on: ??
-A turn off: ??

*This and That
-Flowers or chocolates: chocolates
-Pepsi or coke: neither
-Rap or rock: rap
-Relationship or one night stand: relationship
-School or work: school
-Love or money: i wan both! [greedy]
-Movie or music: music
-Country or city: city
-Sunny or rainy days: rainy days...
-Friends or family: how to choose????!!!

*Have you ever
-Lie: if i say no, this is a lie....
-Stole something: when i was small....
-Smoked: no and never
-Hurt someone close to you: yes
-Broke someone's heart: yes
-Had you heart broken: yes, even now...
-Wonder what was wrong with you: yes, and i noe i m so wrong now....
-Wish you were prince or princess: nope, cos i wan freedom....
-Like someone who was taken: no
-Shaved your head: what for?
-Used chopstick: of course
-Sang in the mirror to yourself: nope

-Flower: lavender [waiting]
-Candy: mentos, lolipop
-Song: love songs....
-Scent: not too heavy ones
-Color: blue
-Movie: ---
-Singer: raymond lam fung!
-Junk food: as well as nice....
-Website: blog, facebook, youtube, friendster
-Location: study room
-Animal: ----
-Ever cried over someone: yes and oways....
-Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: my stupid choices that oways make me regret and sad, wish i m wiser in making choices...
-Do you think you're attractive: have to ask my frens....
-If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: sleeping beauty, wish i can nvr wake up....

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