Wednesday, February 24, 2010



chinese new year eve today! hoho.... we had reunion dinner together with uncles aunties and cousins, we had a really "rich" dinner

we had duck, chicken, pork, HUGE prawns, seacucumber

yummy seacucumber

the most important dishes
is our "SEI WUI YAN" ( 四会人) traditional dishes
must have this on every important day!
many of you might not be familiar with this kind of people
even myself also don't know my own dialect at all
as everyone knows that i don't know how to cook
but mommy insist to remind me how to cook this dishes
she said i must know this
so i remembered all the ingredients and way to cook

full house of the day!


the first day of chinese new year! gong hei fatt choy!! woke up at 8 in the morning, follow mommy and uncle teh's family went to old folks home to give away angpao... then only i realize that even an old folks home also have their "angpao giving system", have to start from a specific side and bed, cause they put a box on their bed, then we just put the angpao for each of them into the box

of course not to forget, its valentine's day today! he came to my restaurant at 10 something, then we head to mid valley for our movie, "72 tenants of prosperity" to SEE my Lam Fung, hahaha.... but i was too tire, i fall asleep almost at the end of the show, sorry my dear that i fall asleep, but nothing sweeter than the chocolates, really appreciate!
his handmade chocolate
black+white chocolate with strawberry fillings...


its "chor" 8 today! we "bai tian gong" at uncle teh's house, so many people there, luckily the house is big enough... adults were busy gamble and drinks and eat, children all run here and there....

i must pray to win more
haven even win a cent since the first day of chinese new year
till today

fireworks all around

me and kelvin and my friend ah kei
standing at the balcony (3rd floor)
to see fireworks all around the area
nice view point!

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