Monday, May 9, 2011


having almost two weeks holidays
almost forgot that i am having two papers this coming tuesday
and they are my only final papers this semester
and i realize that
sitting down to study is much more harder than doing assignments
because u need a 100% concentration to study
you can finish one long report within a day
but not for exams

it is mother's day today
and as expected
 i know she will not like my handmade iPhone like phone pouch
it is cheap and not branded at all
i knew it
and it is expected
for her
maybe she just think that i simply make something to entertain her
but she will never know how much effort i put
so many lessons learnt but still i am trying again
never mind
promise myself
no more next time
meaning it is a must for me to buy something expensive
for every birthday and special days as well

working hard for our small business
the casings 
and also my handmade craft
but seriously no time for the craft yet
but there will be more and more products coming for the handmade craft 
after my finals

good night,
i shall sleep now
and study hard tomorrow

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