Friday, April 15, 2011


this is an assignment month
quizzes were all over
only one left for risk management
but it is okay
i only have to memorize them all

talking about assignment
i feel that i am quite efficiency and productive
i finish my IFM report
and also my Research Proposal Draft for Psychology of Disaster
although i only do some parts of it
since it is a group assignment
but i have explore to something new!
the first time writing an introduction, materials and data analysis
i think this is a very good practice before my senior project

and something really bother my heart
i think i was too geh boh
till i almost mess it up
and cause some misunderstanding
i feel guilty

you might be reading this
but seriously
we never force you in making any decision
we just provide you opinions based on what you told us
of what you want to be
no matte what decision you made
we will always support you
it is not a big deal to work at this age
it is all your wish
sorry that we had worsen it when we are trying to help
hope you can understand all these

don't always think that your plan is unusual and no one is supporting you
just that you never calm yourself and listen to the others


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