Monday, October 5, 2009


yesterday night was quite a busy night for me
i had to go to my aunty's house, his relative's house and uncle Teh's house
i went to my aunty house for dinner
to meet up my cousins
and also Alysa
had a great time there

after that
we went to his uncle's house
which is in Cheras too
3-storeys banglow
then had k-session with his brother and also his aunty uncle

at around 11
i rushed back to sri petaling
actualy i don't feel like going there
because i know i will have nothing to do there

wheen i reached there
i went in to the dining room
my mon was there with her friends
they were drinking
what i did there?
i just sit there and keep quiet
because i got nothing to talk
then we went to 3rd floor
which is the k-floor
to sing birthday song to Jastric
the k-floor is full of their relatives
which has no place to sit
i just stand there
because i seriously don't know what could i do
i even sit on the floor
don't know what is point of going there
ya, i know
because my mom want me to go there
if she wants me to be happy
then please don't ask me to go somewhere that i don't want to go
i had good time in my aunty's house
and also his uncle house
but my mood really spoiled when i meet my mom

can you imagine that
i just stone there for hours?
what for i went there?
just to be her DRIVER.....

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