Sunday, December 20, 2009


went mid valley with my friend vicky and kelvin
once i open my house gate
i found a green item hanging at my gate
i thought it's my food
cause my dad usually hang food there so that i can eat when i wake up
without distuurbing me
( like prisoner)
then i opened my gate and i found this

with a box inside

eye gel from L'ocitane
and a handmade X'mas card!
( the round one, which is a perfume was bought later)
my surprise Xmas gift from SANTA CLAUS kelvin
thanks my dear....
so sweet....

later on we went mid valley
we had lunch in San Francisco
set lunch is really worthy
RM16.90 per set
bread+soup+main course+drinks
total rm58 for 3 of us
high quality with reasonable price


leg of lamb

at night we went for the star concert
with college gang
the leave in the middle of the concert
cause they found it boring and hot
but me and vicky and kelvin stayed there till the end
the show really nice at the end!!
the concert reach boiling point when Kelly's performance

and the fireworks at the end wass
super duper awesome
those who miss it
i can say that
you will definately regret


Joan'-' said...

omg so sweet of the "santa clause" hahahaha... btw me kahyan, lett and cally and ilex.. stood behind until the end of the concert... it was great! XP

Vickie said...

i tot u guys leave de... u guys smart, stay there till the end, the fireworks were really great