Saturday, December 12, 2009


went genting yesterday and stayed over night there
with mom and her friends
not really a good trip for me
because i was not feeling well in the car
feel like vomitting
i think no more genting for me
at least for this moment

doesnt have a good sleep
thanks to my mom's friend
she has a really LOUD snoring
till i thought the sound was from an engine
actually i knew that she will snore loudly
because this is not the first time that we stay in the same room
but what can i do?
i keep on waking
until don't know what time
her snoring turn softer
only i can sleep
so-called sleep at around 3
wake up at 11 something
the aunty had a good sleep
but me
i don't know how many hours i had sleep

my mom had alcohol before she slept
of course it is ok for her
so i think next time i should take some alcohol
to have a better sleep....

study for cognition
cant understand
i thought it's because i do not pay enough attention in class
until yion told me that she can't understand as well
how come so tough for finals???
i need you to lecture me
because i will only understand when u explain to us....

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