Friday, April 3, 2009


has been eating porridge since Tuesday, since the day i put on braces, BUT, today i got to eat THAI FOOD!!! i am so happy and full now, never eat rice for so many days, its not an easy task, looking at my mom eating nice food, but i can only smell it, pity me...=( but got to eat thai food today, very happy, ordered fried egg, fried long bean, tom yam soup, steam siapkap and a dessert, although the food not very nice, but i finish all except the tom yam soup, i had been hungry since tuesday, everyday also eat porridge, porridge and porridge.... now, for me, as long as the food is soft, no matter nice taste or not, i can still finish them.... normally people will slim down after they put braces, but i worry i am special case, i always feel hungry easily, eat a lot, wish i din't gain weight..... actually its not that pain to put on braces, just a bit ulcers, others not really bothering.....

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