Thursday, April 23, 2009


there are so many unexpected people who will read my blogs, when we are chatting, only i realize how come they know so much about me? they read my blog. i know blogging is meant to be read by friends, but i thought only some of my friends who are blogging too reading my blogs, but i was wrong, must be careful now, cannot simply talk at the back of someone, cause they may reading too, hahaha....

went for movie yesterday, watched knowing, the story not bad, i but i don't really like the ending, because the ending related something to UFO? and the world is going to start all over again, which i feel its so fake, but overall is ok la, recommended too!!

next week is lee hom's concert, looking forward, but there is another concert waiting for me, FISH LEONG's concert, he promise to get the ticket for me, but i feel bad, because his leg is pain but have to walk to sungai wang to help me buy the tickets ( from his working place to sungai wang is not far), i know you are reading, so if you can get the ticket for me, then i treat you a meal la k?

oh ya, finally mommy bought a new shoes rack, which can put around 20 pairs of shoes! yoohoo... which mean, i can buy more shoes.... =)

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