Sunday, April 12, 2009



went klcc for pc fair, stuck in the traffic for almost 2 hours, wanna park the car in a hotel because the parking fees there is cheaper, but FULL, no choice, have to park in klcc, and do you know how much it charged for 3.5 hours? listen carefully,
3.5 hours = RM10.50
!!! rob money! how can it be that expensive? RM3 for one hour, i was stunned when i saw the cost, so, DON'T EVER PARK IN KLCC PARKING! pc fair not much things to buy, cause the price not much different compare to outside, so just help jennifer to buy her pendrive, and i bought nothing, its a good sign i dint spend much, but the day before, went pyramid with jennifer, i spent again! bought a mng bag after discount RM119, and two pairs of earrings, from MY DIAMOND, cost me RM216, so, i am broke now, some more wanna buy phone, have to save money! dont spend anymore!


went pavillion for movie, K-20, this movie not bad, Takeshi Kaneshiro is so handsome! this movie is recommanded! keep on raining the whole day, so its so nice to walk at the road side, so windy... went sg wang and lowyat to ask for my dream phone, samsung F480, if i want pink, it will cost RM1400, black and silver will cost RM1300, RM100 different, but i think i will buy pink color, trade in my old phone to buy new phone, haha, so that i dont have to take out so much money to buy it, and my old phone is cacated, so its time for me to buy new phone, yea, its time for new phone! these two days my mom din't call me when i was out, is that a good sign? she only called me once, at 7 someting, asked me where was i, i said i was watching movie, its gonna end, then she just say ok, dint ask me much.... but now i found out someone is more annoyed than jennifer! hahaa, u know who u r, i dont want to mention your name here, phone phone phone and trade in, my phone spoilted, cant press the down key! hahaha.....

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