Wednesday, April 8, 2009


had been working for management event these two days, supposingly i am doing the hair booth, but alton asked me to help for the manicure booth, and give me commission, i draw all the nail arts on my nails as sample, to show customers, they can come out with their own ideas or modify my nail arts, business not that good, cause only me and christine was doing it, and another girl but i cant remember her name, she help out, but three of us cant do much, sorry alton, i cant help you to hit your target.... a lot of people dont wan to do at first, but seeing people do, then they wan to do also, and they like to come at the same time, i was so tire, and my shoulder is pain, has been sitting there for hours with the same position, alton is very kind to give me extra allowance, and two bottles of nail colors, thanks..... i feel very happy when seeing people happy with my nail arts, i know some of them i did a bit out, but i am glad that they dont mind, thanks for those who support!

made almond tea and sesame dumpling for me, but too bad, my braces dont allow me to eat the sesame dumpling, i tried a bit and its very nice, smooth.... of course, made by someone =)

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