Thursday, July 23, 2009


went The Garden with mon and her friends
because there is a big sale for all branded clothes
but we reached there at 8:45pm
so we only got to shop in Armani Exchange
there is 30%-50% off for t-shirt!
mommy ask me buy some
since got sale
but i answered
" i bought a lot recently, i got enough t-shirts"

i can't believe these words came from my mouth!
at least i got improvement
it has been almost a month
i never buy any clothes or shoes
my wardrobe is full and messy
actually this is not the main reason that i stop shopping recently
i need to save money to buy a new notebook
and also e-dictionary
wait till i bought these two items
then i will start my shopping again!

but now only i realize how much i can save
if i din't go shopping
not to tell the amount here
later people rob me

its not easy to control a shopaholic to buy things
just save money for one more month
then i think i got enough money to buy the 2 items
then i can buy as much clothes as i want!

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