Friday, July 31, 2009


just remove the link for my blog to facebook
because i don't want that much of people to read my blog
not that i don't want to share
but it has become an invisible pressure for me
i can't blog what i want to say
i have limited freedom
because there are too many people reading my blog
thru facebook
some of them are too sensitive of what i wrote
and even my post in facebook
what is the reason of using facebook?
for people to simply guess the reason you play a quiz?
for people to know your latest update?
i don't know

please give me some freedom to speak in the world of internet
since i don't really have it in the real world
please let me say what i want here
i just want to release my stress


chelsie said...

i totally agree, vickie!

Vickie said...

haha, r v facing the same problem?