Wednesday, July 1, 2009


finally mid term is over
can take a short breathe now
at least let me rest for a day
lack of sleep since friday
to study abnormal psychology
and yesterday only started my world religion
i just focus on definition of religion
because there are 6 essay questions
one question from each chapter
just do one question
so i choose definition of religion
because there's only 12 pages for this chapter
not that much to memorize
and much more easier to understand
i cant even understand about the hinduism
the native american and native african religion
still not that tough

when i got the paper
it mention
"no marks for mere production from notes"
have to critical analyze
i spend most of my time memorize
but this is better
cause i just simply write
my own religion point of view

i drive to college because its just a 2 hours paper
but i finished in one hour
on my way back
summit jam as usual
when i reached the 2nd tol
(NPE - from subang to my house)
it jam just infront of the tol
so many cars

what is the purpose of using a tol highway?
" to avoid traffic jam."
but if the tol highway is jam as well
what for we queue to pay ?
to pay for a better highway without jam
to pay for a jam highway?

why can't people just use touch'n go
or smart tag?
its much more easier and faster
if smart tag is too expensive for the deposit
touch'n go is cheaper!
i thinik only rm10 for deposit
and i think it is refundable
but the most important is
save everyone's time!

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