Wednesday, July 8, 2009


i got 23/30 for my abnormal psychology
although i didn't get full marks or as high as them
but i am happy with it
because i know my ability
thanks jojo for your notes
without your notes
i really can't find the important points
my notes and your notes always have a big difference
thanks to michelle for your explanation
u remind me to study physiological approach
although i mess up psychodynamic with psychoanalysis
but marian say its still ok
thanks jojo for your cute facial expression
so that i can remember the points easier

i am not changing faculty
if i take diploma
i still have to take adp, major in psychology
because there's no other psychology degree in segi
and the big problem is my ptptn
so stick back to my current studies


jess said...

good!!!!! wise decision!!! wakakakkakaka

Vickie said...

i noe u wull miss me a lot so i don wan to change, haha