Sunday, July 5, 2009


something had bothering me these few days
i am still considering
should i change faculty?
went to see ms mariam on friday with eevon
she want to change her faculty to early childhood psychology
i want to change to diploma of psychology
i just wan to do my studies step by step
ADP just skip from general to degree
i missed a lot of knowledge if i skip diploma
if go step by step
i think it will be easier for me

something that made me surprise was
my mommy encourages me to just focus on psychology!
due to the drama
" Great Way to Care"
she had totally change her impression
towards psychology due to alex fong
she even said that
if i really interested in this subject
there's no problem if have to pay more
i cant believe these words came out from her mouth!
if you know me
i think you will properly know about
that i argue with my mommy when i went for registration in segi
because she didnt let me study psychology
she say there's no future for this subject in malaysia
and worry that i will be one of the psycho
but now
she had totally changed

everything will be confirmed
after monday
will talk to the marketing people
because the only problem now is
i just apply my ptptn
and i will know the status of application on tuesday
the course that i registered was ADP
must get future information from kelvin

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