Monday, May 11, 2009


Went out with Weng Kee today after exam.
I felt so much more relaxed. Do you all know that her patient limit is up to the universe, or higher? She's like a doll- she'll be there when you need someone, she's like the top entertain (as in 'fu hin') -er alive, and most importantly, she can handle my exasperation to the ultimate level ! she's also the walking calculator . She's the whole package !! hahah.. and you know you cannot run away from my life !! *buahahaha*
" lei hai ju ding zou ngo geh yan lah " :D

this is what jennifer wrote in her blog. Omg, i think i am gonna suffer for the rest of my life.... jennifer ah, improve your maths k? how much is RM28 divide by 2? and i am glad that you know i ' fu hin' you, haha... but don advertise for me la, later everyone come and find me to 'fu hin' them then i will be very busy ah....

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