Tuesday, August 3, 2010


is the root of evil of many problems
siblings fight for money
people who are closest to you
fight for money as well

suddenly i really hate money
does he remember who help him the most when he needed help?
who help him to get marry when he was poor?
who sold the house to him at the original price
when he married?
who bought big big gold jewelry for him when he marry?
who never ask him for money
when he was unemployed for 2 year?
she owes you money
but how can you like a loan shark
chase her for money
from where she get that huge amount to repay?
you think she is rich now?

no matter how
i know it is a must for her to return the money
but then not she doesn't want to
but she really can't afford to repay all at once
she had promise to pay bit by bit
why must you force her?

she is your relative
your dad's sister
the one that loves you a lot
how can you forget all the love
but only remember MONEY
you ask her to repay the money
can you repay her love?

always remember
don't involve in money
no matter with who
because money is always evil
the root of problems

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