Wednesday, August 11, 2010


my house was actually fully paid
but due to some financial problem
my parents borrow another RM188k from bank
and the loan duration is 30 years
borrowed since year 2008
my mom is paying the interest only every month
and therefore
after two year which is now
still owe the bank RM189k
because she always forgot to pay

maybe she forget
or is a kind of habit
i don't know why she don't want to pay every month
which is rm500+ as the minimum payment
always late payment
till three warning letters were given
then only she pay

it is quite dangerous
because if she always FORGET to pay
once the bank lelong our house
we are going to sleep on the street!
houses in Taman Desa are quite hot selling
people move out then very fast got people move in
why must she has that kind of habit?
even car loan also like that
not that she can't afford to pay

think deeply
housing loan for 30 years
they are already 50 years old
means that i will be the one who is going to pay for the rest
they never pay anything in 2 years
just the interest
i really can't understand
they can plan
buy insurance
and many more
saying planning a future for me
so that i can have a comfort life in the future
even if without them

but why can't they settle the loans?
not that they can't afford now!
maybe i am thinking too much now
maybe they will repay in less than 30 years
but i just don't like that kind of attitude
why must she always late payment when she can avoid it?

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