Wednesday, August 25, 2010


tomorrow is the day
the day that i had when i was 11 years old
i was 9 years ago
9 years never go for any piano exam
my teacher tell me that i can pass my exam
ask me not to worry
relax and take a deep breath before i start playing my songs
hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow
i do not need any high grade
i just want a pass
my current piano teacher feels weird that i am taking grade 3 exam now
but then the songs that my previous teacher gave
was much more difficult
Turkish March
The Maiden's Prayer
Marriage D'amour
Fur Elise
and so on
she wonder why am i taking grade 3 exam only
instead of higher grade
i think maybe is because my previous teacher know that
i have stopped for 6 years
so better start from a lower grade
to take everything step by step
and this is what i want too
i don't want to jump so fast
but learning very little or rushing
i am satisfied with the grade that my teacher recommended
i want to make a good foundation so that it will be easier
when i go for a higher level.....

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