Tuesday, February 24, 2009


wake up in the morning going for basic com class, i thought i was late to class cos went out a bit late there was jam in federal highway ( paid rm2.20 but still jam! ), luckily reach segi on time, once i reach segi, i quickly ran to the lift, but there was crowded as usual, then i walk up to 1st floor, take the lift down and up again, i thought i was so lucky today cos there was no one waiting for the lift at 1st floor, when the life door open, i went in, then a guy from my basic com class came out, he said class cancelled and ms laura was sick, CLASS CANCELLED ??!!! OMG, then what should i do till 12 noon??? cos my mom was coming to fetch me at 12! I calmed down myself, i went cafeteria, take my breakfast, then i saw mok, luckily he was there, he lend me his laptop to watch movie, the movie not bad, to pass my time, or not i think i will die sitting there for 3 hrs!

went for another dental today, consultation for my braces, dentist said rm5000 for 2 yrs or rm6000 for 1 and half yr, i m still deciding, have to extract at least 2 and maximum 4 teeth!! i think i will go for this dentist, i went mid valley for dental also, the dentist say have to extract one tooth oly and cost rm5000 (not so confident), then the 2nd dentist is from subang, cost rm6500, extract 2 to 4 teeth oso, but the rm6500 not included x-ray, mould, and extration, its kinda expensive but then the braces is newer, which is faster to take off and less pain, but i think i will go to the 3rd doctor, either choose rm5000 or rm6000, cos the 2nd dentist will cost me rm7000+ in total, get poor! mommy keep on telling me that it will be very pain this and that, but then i m ready for it! i will take the pain, just to make my teeth nicer, BRACES! I M COMING!early birthday present from mommy...

paid for this shoes, i m broke =(

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