Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sarawak Trip 2011

been to Sarawak last weekend
the first time boarding to Air Asia plane
actually not as bad as what people told me
landing skill was good too!

we stayed at Pullman Hotel
this hotel is new
and the design is much more modern
there is no crystal chandelier at the lobby
but a glass ceiling
to save electricity

the bathroom is even bigger than my room!

Hue Gie enjoy her bath here a lot
the traffic at Sarawak is not as pack as KL
not much car and people
shops usually closed at 10.30

our prime minister!
he stayed at the same hotel as us!
to attend a wedding dinner
of the minister of Sarawak
the body guards are a lot
and even before the car fully stopped
they had already open their door
feels like they are going to jump down from the car

the car for our perdana menteri
with number plat of Perdana Menteri Malaysia

of course
this was the main purpose we were been to Sarawak
to watch Beyond concert
overall i think the concert was OK
i am not really fans
so i don't have any special feelings towards it
but still prefer their old songs
those classics wan

the stadium was small and quite a lot of empty seats
they said they are the first chinese artist
having concert in Sarawak
is that true?
we were too bore before the concert start
so trying on the lomo effect of my iphone 4
i think not bad right?

oh ya
mom found that SEGi College Sarawak
is just one street beside our hotel
i have faith with SEGi i think...

these are our breakfast for the 2nd day
we woke up late
actually it was not really late
it was only 11 something
but most of the nice hawker were closed!
the life in Sarawak starts early
they usually go out for breakfast at 8 something in the morning
so by the time we went
all sold out
only left those that are not so delicious
the pork porridge with egg

Sarawak gon lou mee
this is a must try food in Sarawak
we don't get to eat the nice one
cause already sold out
we managed to get another nice one
at the Parkson foodcourt

Mango Sauce Cendol Special
a dessert from the food court as well
not really nice
and i think that is not cendol
but jelly with coloring
this is anther must try food at the food court
Beef Noodle
really falls in love with it
the kuey teow is slightly thicker than those in KL
and it is really really smooth
the soup is just nice
me and mom share one
and she ordered another one
with beef only
i think i will always miss the Beef Noodle

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