Sunday, March 22, 2009


went for a mei concert ytd, nice concert! high from the beginning till the end, especially the ending part, with all the rock songs! dance and sing and jump till the max!

but something strange, there's a man sitting 2 persons away from me, keep on looking at me, but the problem was, he was with his wife/gf, and i think he is around 30 years old, keep on looking at me, i don't know why, my friend said its because i wear shorts and YEH YAN FAN ZUI, but i don't think is my problem, maybe his mental got problem or maybe he saw us laugh and talk a lot so wanna join us, but this action quite scary la, because he will even sit forward to look at me, yeerrr....

so in conclusion, no matter due to what reason, better not to wear shorts to concert, better long jeans... =)

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