Friday, March 20, 2009


finally, the day for my extraction! i was so panic and days before i even forgot bout it, it thought it was next week, no matter how frighten i am, still i have to face it.

reach the clinic at around 4, waited there within 5 mins then the nurse called my name, i was so tension...

dr: how many teeth u wanna extract today?
vic: how many should i extract?
dr: 2
vic: then extract both at once la...

then the doctor inject anesthetic into my gum and ask me to wait till it paralyze, omg, i sit there and wait, made me even more tension! the doctor went to another room to do skilling for a kid. after awhile, my mouth started to paralyze, then doctor came and said its time for extraction, i wonder why so fast, he said then wait till tomorrow. he pulled my right tooth, hardly pull, then he tried the left one, i could feel the tooth out from my gum, then he go back to the right one, i don't know why it was hardly pull, i could see how hard the doctor pull because my head also follow the way he pull, then a nurse hold my head,both of my hands hold the chair tightly, and i keep on laughing in the process, cause it was so funny, the doctor only used something like a tweezer to pull, and after some times, finally it was out. ( if can, i should take a video of it, cause its really funny! ) my mom was waiting outside, and i still kept laughing when i was out, my mom said i am crazy, where got people laugh for extraction. but it bleed for quite a long time, i think almost 4 hrs!!

this is the first time i went for the dentist for extraction, not pain, but seriously funny, and bleed a lot, now waiting for the odontologist to arrange the time to put on braces, before extraction, i worry bout the pain of extraction more than the pain that braces brought, but now it was over! i am not worry anymore! haha

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