Wednesday, February 2, 2011


my skin never been well since november
since i got stung by sand fly
the scares still here
but it is not so obvious already

in the month of december
having allergy on the elbows and knees

which is now
haivng unknown skin disease
i don't know what is that
different doctor say different thing
i don't know who to follow
trying chinese medincine and western as well
it does cure
but just like spreading to other part

i don't know how it can be cured

i don't know when it can be cured

i only know
i hate these months
i hate my skin!
my skin has been itchy for 3 months!
feels like chopping off all my hands and legs!

tomorrow is chinese new year eve
but i don't have the mood at all!
i have ugly scares on my legs!
rashes on my tights!
i just hate myself!

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