Monday, July 26, 2010


sitting alone at cafeteria
waiting for the others to come for group study
for Investment
starting finals tomorrow
hopefully everything will go smoothly
and all the best to the others too

forgot to write about my 1st experience to the Ah Pak mountain
last saturday
went to Pyramid with Jojoan, Kahyan and Kaimin
Jojoan had her 1st experience on upper lip waxing
not to mention much about that
at 4pm
me, Kaimin, KaiTze, and AhYee
start our Ah Pak mountain trekking
the mountain is just nearby to Kaimin's house
so we walk there rather than driving
it was okay at the beginning
because we were so energetic
once we reach the kaki gunung
i took a deep breath
because i knew that it was not an easy journey for me
walking up the hill is okay for me
except for the breathing part
but i was still able to manage it
but walking down was the most difficult thing for me
i don't know why
maybe the path was steep
luckily Kaimin was there to hold me
we took so long to reach the 1st stage
as it is the easiest stage
there are still 2nd, 3rd, and a lot more stages
we took 2 hours to finish everything and reached home

but i can tell you
walking home is most suffering part
the road to his house was so slant
when you are tire
and you the road is so slant
i think you will just hope there is a car
but we still insist to walk back by our feet
as we must complete the MISSION

it was quite a good experience
i might be going next time
but i think we should drive there instead of walking
and bring some water
because we didn't bring any water
when we reach the kaki gunung
there are stalls selling drinks
the feeling of looking at something that you needed the most
but you can't get it
is really suffering......


Joan'-' said...

wow! so early u go college ah? haha... im still at home...coming soon!

Vickie said...

cepat datang la, don be so lazy...