Friday, January 1, 2010

1st post of 2010

1st post of 2010
i am going to update my new year eve later on
but i am going to leave the 1st post of year 2010 for my dad
once again
i feel touched
as i mentioned earlier
my dad's leg was hurt
muscles strains
at 12 something noon
my dad woke up
so was i
he knew that i was going to sunway pyramid
he wanted to sent me there
even though his leg was hurt
he still want to drive and send me
but of course
ah kei is fetching me
not him

if you guys read my blogs since last year
i think you would know that i wasn't happy in new year eve 2008
because of my mom
therefore my dad told me that
wherever i want to go
just tell him
he will send me there

i know my daddy loves me a lot
i am lucky to have him as my daddy


jess said...

wow... thats 1 year ago?? time really flies.. >.<

happie new year =)

Vickie said...

haha, yea, happy new year!!